Monday, July 20, 2009

Fox Tail Buttplug

I will admit, I have never been crazy about the whole butt-plug thing. But that was until I saw this..

Fox Is like my favorite all time fur. and was also my 1st "fur crush" as well:P

Here is a description of the tail

Enjoy the animalistic luxury of sporting a fox tail with our Fox Tail Anal Plug. The Red Fox Tail Plug includes a real red fox tail that has been de-boned and tanned.

The 16" tail is attached by hand to a 5" long, 1½" wide black rubber anal plug. Take your slave out for some exercise and host that Fox Hunt you have always dreamed about.

Made in the USA.

Made the USA, so this are are claim to fame now? Let's see the Japaneses are great at
making electronics, China is known for "cheap knock offs" and they really know how to make faux fur. But seriously this? Well, I guess it's good to know when your being fucked up the ass, at least you can take pride that your being fucked by the good ole' USA.


  1. Where can I buy that? And how much is it?

  2. You can purchase one here.